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About us


Lemon Quartz Publishing was founded by Rachel Atkins at the start of 2021, a “one day in the future” project that was spurred on by the pandemic, and an utterly brilliant manuscript.


Rachel began her publishing career in 2013, helping to re-launch a niche publishing house, with a backlist spanning over thirty years, which had regained its independence following seven years as an imprint of a multinational publishing company. In 2017 she felt it was time to spread her wings and began working freelance in the industry, collaborating with both independent publishers and authors to craft, refine, and bring to market bookshelf-worthy books. And in 2021, she took the plunge: Lemon Quartz Publishing was born.


The mission of Lemon Quartz Publishing is simple: to offer readers a *fresh* perspective. With a focus on adult non-fiction, the new press is keen to publish books spanning mental health and wellbeing, spirituality, and finding purpose – all the things that so many of us seem to have mislaid but are happily becoming re-acquainted with.


Working with Gardners and Ingram for worldwide distribution, the publishing house aims over time to build a community of engaged readers from across the globe by amplifying the voices of those who have unique stories to tell and publishing inspiring, intelligent and interesting content.


Lemon Quartz Publishing is a proud member of the Independent Publishers Guild (IPG), and Rachel looks forward to making more connections in the industry as the company continues to grow.


Their debut title, Sex, Drugs, and Yoga, published in January 2022, and their second, Behind Ocean Lines, published in October 2022.

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