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Our authors

- Birdie Paradise -

Birdie Paradise was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, and is now based in the United Kingdom. The story of her turbulent twenties lives within the pages of Sex, Drugs, and Yoga, her debut memoir. 


Now approaching forty, she is a mostly different person. A yogi. Living in peace. Though she still loves designer shoes. Her past has made her who she is today, but she has consciously chosen not to be defined by it forever more. Her partner and young children, she’s sure, will thank her for this. Her current drug of choice: a full night’s sleep. It’s transformative, she says.

- Melanie White -

Melanie White spent five years in her twenties crewing superyachts for charter and regatta racing across the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and the Arctic. Since leaving her career as a full-time yacht chef, she has worked as a policy advisor for the UK Chamber of Shipping, with a particular interest in improving seafarer mental health awareness and suicide prevention. In addition to her work in the maritime sector, she is training to become a counsellor. In 2022 she gave birth to her first child, Alfred. Behind Ocean Lines is her first book.

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