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17 January 2022


288 pp


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Sex, Drugs, and Yoga

A Memoir: One Woman’s Journey from Rock Bottom to Inner Peace

A powerful, visceral memoir of a life undone.


As she speeds through her twenties, Birdie is oblivious that Saturn is journeying towards its notorious return. She’s far too busy searching for a connection in all the wrong places. Amid the chaos, she is unaware that twenty-seven will see her reach an ultimate low and that twenty-nine is going to be her most transformative year. As her mental health deteriorates, masochism and psychedelics become her safe space; a world of destruction in which she rises to the throne. But regardless that life glitters, on the inside she is cold. 

Entering adulthood in a time before social media’s documentation of one’s every move, she has a handle on keeping her private life discrete. Just. But the problem with secrets is they always have a way surfacing. Running away from her past takes her far from home; distancing herself from her pain proves more difficult. 

Ultimately, she must look inwards. Delve deeper than ever before. And practising yoga invites her to do just that. It’s more challenging than she ever thought possible – the stillness, the light. But it sure as hell is better than the dark.

Through intimate access to her personal diary, Sex, Drugs, and Yoga shares a decade of Birdie’s innermost thoughts as she navigates this period of transition, showing first-hand that even the depths of despair can lead to breakthroughs and to life. 

A rawness reminiscent of James Frey and glimmers of a poetic brilliance evocative of Rupi Kaur coalesce in this remarkable debut, shining a light on addiction, isolation, and finding inner strength.


A "must-read" non-fiction book for 2022. “Immediately arresting … an uplifting insight into how rebuilding and rebalancing energy can be done slowly and surely.” –Stylist

A beautiful, brutal portrait of the extremes of soul-searching … Generously candid, Birdie’s writing is also incredibly, unexpectedly poetic: personal prose crafted with visceral metaphor and vivid colour are a linguistic glimmer of light amongst the dark, difficult realities that inhabit much of her story. Witty, wise, and often quietly profound … a moving meditation on addiction, loneliness, self-compassion and the quest for peace amongst the chaos.” –The Book Edit

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